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If Ninja Meets Basketball: NINJA SKILL BALLERZ Released Their Concept Movie

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“NINJA SKILL BALLERZ” is a project established to spread the fascination of Freestyle Basketball to the world, made a concept video and it has just been released.

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NINJA SKILL BALLERZ is a team consists of 5 members, ZiNEZ(the world champion of 2009), whitea( an official performer for the LEVANGA HOKKAIDO), BUG!?(he has won the victory three times at the “FSBB” in Japan), ISSEI(an expert in spinning basketballs on his fingertips), TaMa(an expert in multi-ball style).
There are more than 15 titles in total acquired by five of them. It is the highest level team in the world which is all the members are regarded as the legend who won the world championship and also experienced the judges of the international tournaments.

The concept movie was taken all in “One Shot”, filled with lots of their unique freestyle basketball tricks. They will continue performing to spread the fascination of freestyle basketball all over the world.

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NINJA SKILL BALLERZ Official site: https://www.ninjaskillballerz.com/
NINJA SKILL BALLERZ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/nsb_jp
NINJA SKILL BALLERZ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ninjaskillballerz/

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