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£5.00 £4.00
An adorable package of 40 cute Fox Girl Stickers. Suitable for journalling, letter writing and whatever else you might want

£5.00 £4.00
40 Pcs of Kawaii Girl sticker flakes.

40 Pcs Kawaii Witch Stickers

£5.00 £4.00
Package of 40 adorable witch sticker flakes, use to decorate your letters, journals or whatever else you can think of!

40pcs Cute Chibi Princess Stickers

£5.50 £4.00
Package includes: The loose stickers itself.

45 Pcs Galaxy Planet Watercolor Sticker Pack

£4.00 £3.50
* Please consider the measurement before purchasing, thanks :) * There may be +/- 1-2 pieces of stickers due to human error during manufacturing. * There may be 2-3 pieces of stickers that have minor creases on them which do not affect the overall usage/aesthetic of the stickers although may not be perfect. These unavoidable due to manufacturing defects. (NOTE: NOT every sticker pack will have this problem) but we always check the stickers before we ship them and we will reject those sticker packs that have many/serious creases. If you are still not satisfied with it, please let us know and we will refund you based on the number of stickers affected, thank you :) “Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.” ― Carl Sagan, Cosmos Package includes: 45 Pcs of Stickers

45Pcs Candy Jar Stickers

£4.00 £3.25
45 Pcs Gold Foil sticker flakes. Candy Jar Design.

45Pcs Hot Air Balloon Gold Foil Stickers

£4.50 £3.50
Lovely hot air balloon stickers with gold foil accents and details. Suitable for all your crafty and journalling needs. The package includes: 45 Pcs of stickers.

80 Pcs Mamegoma Sticker Flakes

£5.50 £4.00
San-x is famous for inventing all possible cute charactors, and this time we have Mofuntans which are mochi bunnies and Mamegomas which literally means bean seals. Package includes: 80 pieces loose transparent stickers * 10 different designs.