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Pretty “Sugiru” Nurse and cosplayer, Nashiko Momotsuki Appeared at the Event for The Weekly Playboy!

On May 26th, 2018, Nashiko Momotsuki showed up at the event for commemorating her first appearance on the cover of the magazine Weekly Playboy, which took place in Akihabara Radio Kaikan, Tokyo.

In addition to her activities as a popular cosplayer, Nashiko Momotsuki has been gaining a lot of attention as a pretty “sugiru” nurse which means “too-pretty” and “she cannot be just a nurse” since she made her gravure debut in 2017.
In Japanese, an adverb “sugiru” is used to describe a noun when things get really amazing. Even though it is not the part of textbook grammar, it’s quite common and frequently used to evaluate something as just totally over-the-top positive.

She expresses her feelings being a cover girl for the magazine stating that “I have known about the magazine before I start my showbiz career, and I’m really happy for becoming a cover girl! Some of my friends texted me saying “Hey, I got it (the Weekly Playboy)!





Also, about the photo shoot in Taiwan, “I was saving carbs before the photo shoot, but I ate a lot of food in Taiwan just because their food was really good!” she told us with delight. Although her profession is still a full-time nurse as before, she said that she is wanting to challenge acting and making photo books as well.

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Nashiko Momotsuki cosplay is here!

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Photos by Nessie

Translated by Rabi Cosuzu

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