[Pedia] Immerse Yourself into Virtual Reality: 7 Spots to Experience VR in Tokyo! | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news

[Pedia] Immerse Yourself into Virtual Reality: 7 Spots to Experience VR in Tokyo! | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news 1


Immerse Yourself into Virtual Reality: 7 Spots to Experience VR in Tokyo!

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With a pair of goggles on your head, you can go anywhere through VR (Virtual Reality). Now in Tokyo, there are so many places where you can experience the VR world.


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Have you ever dreamed of taking a part in the actual race of Mario Kart? This is the place to make your dream come true. You can experience more than 15 activities here. The contents are fulfilling such as “Dragon Quest”, “Mario Kart”, “Dragon Ball” and “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

Official Website (English): https://vrzone-pic.com/shinjuku/en/


VR PARK TOKYO in Shibuya

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Right now, there are 8 attractions. The most popular one is “SALMON’S CARPET”. You ride on a magic carpet to go to the ancient city. You need to defeat monsters such as dragons on your way. In addition to the attractions, there are free flow non-alcohol drinks, free Wi-Fi and costumes (with additional fee) for you to enjoy the amusement park!

Official Website (English): http://www.adores.jp/vrpark/en/shibuya.html



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“TOWER-TAG” is a shooting game for 2 groups of 2 people. You fly around the towers and shoot the opponent. It’s 1000 yen per game. “MORTAL BLiTZ FOR WALKING ATTRACTION” is a game for one person. It’s also a shooting game but you can walk through the VR world. It feels very real.

Official Website: https://tempo.sega.jp/tnsb/vr-area_akiba


SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory in Ikebukuro

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The observatory was renovated with 3 VR attractions: “TOKYO BULLET FLIGHT”, “SWING COASTER” and “SKY ESCAPE ~A High-altitude Terrifying Experience~”. With the view of Tokyo from 251 meters high above, you can experience a different Tokyo!

Official Website (English): http://www.skycircus.jp/english/


VirtuaLink in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

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“Wonder Pod” can be played by maximum of 36 people with 2 players on each pod. It’s a perfect game for VR starters. You can set your avatar by turning your eyes on the choices. The company operating the game is KONICA MINOLTA, a company which specializes in operating planetariums, so you can immerse yourself into the beautiful space world!

Official Website: https://planetarium.konicaminolta.jp/VirtuaLink/DiverCityTokyoPlaza/


TYFFONIUM in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

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There are two attractions: “MAGIC-REALITY CORRIDOR” and “MAGIC-REALITY FLUCTUS”. The first one is a haunted house, where you will experience the mix of illusion and reality. The latter one is a fantasy attraction. Your adventure starts from a ship shrouded in mist.

Official Website (English): https://www.tyffonium.com/en/



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This is another one near Odaiba area. It’s a free-roam multiplayer VR system developed by an Australian company. With 6 players, you need to cooperate and complete the mission. The game is called “ZOMBIE SURVIVAL”. Your mission is to protect the system from zombies attacking you. Can you save everyone?

Official Website (English): http://tokyo-joypolis.com/language/english/

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