[Interviews] Creator Interview: miyako -The Secret of Being the World’s Heroine | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news

[Interviews] Creator Interview: miyako -The Secret of Being the World’s Heroine | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news 1


クリエイターインタビュー: miyakoさん 〜世界の主人公になれる秘訣〜

Creator Interview: miyako -The Secret of Being the World’s Heroine

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miyako became globally known for “Ishoku Hada Gyaru” in 2017 and have been expressing vividness. What is it that she sees through her eyes? To look into the depths of miyako’s heart, we interviewed about stories including how Ishoku Hada Gyaru was born, what kind of thought she put into the project, and how she became who she is now.


Looking for a title!?

– Who is miyako??

miyako: Usually, I would say “Omoshiro Model” but I’m thinking there are better expressions than that. I’m looking for a good title which suits me. (laugh)


I’m not as tall as fashion models, and my figure is more like a gravure model, so it’s a rarely seen figure among models. I’ve done a lot of shootings with original character  such as fairy-ish and fantasy-ish styles. It does not feel right to say that I’m wearing a costume, so I think it’s different from cosplayers.
However, I’ve done shootings which had my body covered with paintings, and I changed my skin color for the Ishoku Hada Gyaru, so it may be good to think of me as a unique model who can put her whole body into an expression.
I’ve been doing other things like DJ activities and producing a costume character, “Noname-chan”.





Recently, I’ve done shootings of creation. And I’m into over-make-up, I post over-make-up videos. When I was doing gravure models, I didn’t really get a chance to take time on make-ups, so I wasn’t very good at it, but from around 2017, I started doing a lot of research and challenged doing various make-ups. I want to try using my whole body to express something, thinking it as one big canvas. I want to make myself a trompe l’oeil-illusion!


I’m from Tokyo. Since I was little, I’ve been seeing flashy ladies in events, so I had this impression that make-up is something very flashy, and that adults put heavy make-ups. I also think that doing overly is fun.

Shinoraa, gothic lolita fashion, gyaru make-up and otaku

– Tell us about your origin.

In elementary school, I was a Shinoraa, and at the end of elementary school, I was into gothic lolita fashion. In junior high school, I started Harajuku style and gyaru make-up, but I just became otaku in high school.
I was raised up in an environment where there were many artists who have their ears pierced and body tattooed. I though these people were adults, so tiny things weren’t considered as flashy for me.
My friends from elementary school were all flashy and otaku. It was a unique school, so I realized I was different only after entering junior high and high school. (laugh) I was confused, and I was like “They are not otaku! What are they?”.

Manga was my school.

– What kind of otaku were you?

I was an Internet otaku. I started using computer when I was five years old. I also liked manga. I recognized myself as an otaku from kindergarten. I was drawing things like Cutie Honey wearing tiny bikinis. (laugh)
I was into games and computer when I entered elementary school, so I became the leader of computer club at school. I was such a nerd back then. For manga, I had influence from “The Drifting Classroom”, “Tiger Mask” and “The Rose of Versailles”. Later, I met “Patalliro!”, and I still love it. Jokes, nonsense, aesthetic, love, BL, classical rakugo, mystery, SF… I thought everything about manga was in there. I was amazed, so I studied hard.
I was at after-school care, and that was where I read “Hell Teacher Nūbē” and “Asari-chan”. Manga taught me various knowledges and about life. It’s like a school for me.

From a shut-in to an artist

– Have you been doing activities you do now for a long time?

No, because I was a shut-in. When I turned twenty, I started doing show biz work. I was recruited by the agency, but before that, I had never thought of doing such things. I didn’t know what to do as I wasn’t used to it.
I tried to fit in the character which the agency was expecting me to be, so I tried to avoid saying something strange. The agency wanted me to be neat and clean, but it didn’t turn out that way as I was different from that. (laugh)
By doing this work, I was able to say what I want to do and what I like. Then, I had more chances. As I continued my work, I felt the difference between the agency’s plan and what I wanted to do, so I decided to focus on my decision and left the agency.
In addition, I felt a frustration of not being able to reach everyone through the activities of gravure model because it was mainly for male. I wanted to say to a lot of people that I like what I was doing. As a result, I’m doing over-make-up which is not so preferred by male. (laugh)

How “Ishoku Hada Gyaru” was born


– Tell us about “Ishoku Hada Gyaru” which was a very hot topic.

Coloring the skin was my hobby, so I was doing it alone before. It has influence from OMI Kero GIBSON and illustrations of Junko Mizuno and Rockin’Jelly Bean. I was attracted to the outside of human world characters, and there are many monster-ish girls in anime, game and fantasies, so I was influenced by them as well.
At first, I did not know how to color my skin, so I asked those who had already done it.

– So that’s how “Ishoku Hada Gyaru” was born?

I did a green-colored gyaru because I wanted to make myself look the outside of human world and make pink stand out. The flashier, the cuter, so I used an opposing color for the wig and costume. I don’t plan to stick to green, so I want to try other colors, too.


Transformation is an extension of original state.

Actually, there is a setting for that gyaru, and it is “super popular girl”. That’s why I came up with the line “We are the cutest”. I tried to become a girl whom everyone wants to hang out with despite the skin color. That’s why these Ishoku Hada Gyarus are liked by me.
The green color I did is opposite from me. At first the setting was “A girl who wants to be popular and likes strawberries. She looks strong, but she is actually very girly.” Now, it’s just myself being hyper.
Creating the character is not easy, so this is more like the gyaru placed on an extension of my personality. For example, even if Usagi-chan turns into Sailor Moon, she still is the same Usagi Tsukino inside, but she can fight when she is transformed. I think transformation is an extension of the original state.
I don’t think not wearing make-ups means being natural. I think it depends on you to draw the line of being yourself. There are many people who do not want to take off their colored contact lenses, and I think that’s a part of it.
When I am doing Ishoku Hada Gyaru, they often say “Why are you doing that?”, but I feel like “Is it that weird?”. I was surprised to see everyone being so surprised.

For me, it’s the main culture.

– How do you feel when people say “subculture” and “underground”?

When I’m doing Ishoku Hada Gyaru, many say it’s subculture or underground, but I do not think so. The word “subculture” has been used more often lately, but I’ve seen flashy hair and make-ups since I was little, so it’s very normal to me. It’s the main culture for me, so I never thought of it as an underground.

Ishoku Hada is the symbol of freedom.


– How was the feedback of Ishoku Hada Gyaru?

I never imagined something I started just to make cool things would go this viral. I was happy to make what was ahead of my imagination into a real thing with those who shared the same taste.
It was especially popular among people living abroad. Many Japanese told me we looked like “Avatar”, but none of us had watched the movie. (laugh) For Japanese it’s familiar only through “Avatar”, but in other countries, starting with Marvel productions, there are many characters with multi-colored skin. This is what I learned later; colorful skin means “does not relate to the original color of the skin” which also means “freedom” in foreign countries.

Modernizing fantasies.

I think those who put efforts on photos are fashionable and artistic. Even for the same creation, I always want cuteness and “Moe” factors which come from the influence of manga. I want things to be familiar and easy to talk to.
Ishoku Hada Gyaru itself it full of “Moe” factors, and I simply wanted to do things overly. I think the make-up ended up like that because I am an otaku. I was not trying to look strong or be aggressive, but I wanted to modernize the fantasies. If a girl from a fantasy was in a real life, she would be wearing piercings although she was an elf. It’s a gap “Moe”, meaning to be attracted by the difference between someone’s looks and their personality. In a way, it’s the opposite version of reincarnation from a different universe.

Being the main character of the world.

Also, the photos looked like we were having a lot of fun, so I think that was important too. It’s very precious that girls having fun and doing things for themselves.
I think many people are still wondering what their meaning of “cute” is and how they can have fun. Doing make-up for someone is fulfilling just for a moment. I think we can enjoy the most when we can accept ourselves, so when we do Ishoku Hada Gyaru, we complement each other. By doing Ishoku Hada Gyaru, we were able to be the characters of the sophisticated world. As we are the main character and the heroine, we get all the spotlights we want.

– Any plans for the gyaru activity?

We are going to shoot with summer theme, and as I said, I want to try changing the color!

I’m not special.

– How would you describe yourself during the daily life?


I often play games such as “Detroit: Become Human”. I like games with a setting of “if it were like…”. This game is a story of an android.
Usually I’m troubled that I cannot share stories and feelings with other people.
It’s like I am speaking the same Japanese, but others wouldn’t understand, so I often feel sympathy for the outside of human world characters such as Devilman. I’m not different from everyone, and I don’t think I’m special, but it’s hard to be understood. I did not like that feeling.

– Anything you want to try or let the readers know?

I want to transplant my brain to a RealDoll. It’s like changing clothes of Licca-chan doll. I am me even if I transform, so I want to get out of this body and live as a soul. That’s what I want to try now.
Also, please check my costume character “Noname-chan”!

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Translated by Kayo

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