K-Pop BTS Love Yourself Sweatshirt – navy-blue-pink, s

K-Pop BTS Love Yourself Sweatshirt - navy-blue-pink, s 1

K-Pop BTS Love Yourself Sweatshirt - navy-blue-pink, s 2

A Gothic & Lolita high-fashion brand, Juliette et Justine – the designs created by Mari Nakamura with her own view of the world and with the inspiration from classic art are just peerless.

They create the top-grade works by making the delicate and dreamy textiles with care in the high-quality factory in Japan.

Today, we will be introducing two dresses from them.

Both of the dresses have been sold in the past, but it has been decided to resale, due to the persistent popularity.

ゴシック&ロリータのハイファッションブランド、Juliette et Justine。



今日はそんなJuliette et Justineのドレスを2点紹介。



Teur et Ruban(トゥール エ リュバン)

K-Pop BTS Love Yourself Sweatshirt - navy-blue-pink, s 3

PRICE: 45,000JPY

Teur et Ruban is a dress that is inspired by Pieter Brueghel’s work, the Tower of Babel. The sumptuous use of fabrics and the unique drape create the beautiful and original sillhouette.

The big ribbons on the shoulders are lovely and especially eye-catching.

The soft texture of the fabric is also so dreamy and romantic that it makes you wonder how it would actually feel like!

Teur et Rubanは画家 ピーテル・ブリューゲルによる絵画「バベルの塔」をモチーフとしたドレスです。贅沢に使われている生地と独特のドレープがオリジナリティ溢れるシルエットを演出。


K-Pop BTS Love Yourself Sweatshirt - navy-blue-pink, s 4

The dress has two color variations in black and white.

The black one has the majestic coloring and the other one with the white tower gives the transparent-feeling: the combination of the shape of the dress being not too simple while having the classical feeling and the print of the dress with affluent delicate-details are nothing but a work of art.






K-Pop BTS Love Yourself Sweatshirt - navy-blue-pink, s 5


Sirene is a collaborated work with Naffy.

There are “Nyangyo”s printed on the dress, which is a creature of a half-cat and a half-fish.

The drape on the front is detachable. The fabric flows elegantly in the back. The box pleat skirt enhances the patterns.

The soft and pale blue color and the fine and delicate line drawing create the world as if you are wandering in a fairyland.

The flowy texture of the drape and the box pleat remind us of the flickering lights in the sea.






K-Pop BTS Love Yourself Sweatshirt - navy-blue-pink, s 6

The brand, Juliette et Justine has enthusiastic supporters all over the world.

Be enchanted by the picturesque dresses that are only found now.

海外を中心に熱狂的な支持を誇るJuliette et Justine。今しか出会えない、絵画作品のようなドレスにうっとりしてみませんか。

Juliette et Justine

Their eye-catching and one and only prints are inspired by art, music, literature, and etc.

They use the top-grade materials and create the works of highest grade in the delicate and caring factory in Japan.

Their unique works are gaining enthusiastic fans that are mainly women in their 20s outside of Japan.

Juliette et Justine, which creates each work with some stories, stands out in this point comparing with other Gothic & Lolita brands born in Japan.

They will keep on creating their most unique works as the one and only Gothic & Lolita high fashion brand.




日本で生まれたゴシック&ロリータの中でも、作品ひとつひとつに他ブランドにない深いストーリー性のある作品を生むJuliette et Justine。


2019年3月23日(土)には、上海で大規模なお茶会『Ange égarée 上海迷宮舞踏会』を開催予定。






Juliette et Justine ホームページ https://juliette-et-justine.com/

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