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Surprise Announcement That They Dreamed Of…!! “Hinatazaka46”, A New Group Name for “Hiragana Keyaki”!!

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On February 11th, Hiragana Keyaki (Keyakizaka46 in Hiragana) announced their new group name “Hinatazaka46”.
Their official site is opened at the same time, and the group will act as an independent idol group from now on.

Hinatazaka46_new name_004

The group distributed an on demand live broadcast on “SHOWROOM” the same day and held five big announcements; 1) Single debut on March 27th, 2) New single tie up with “Mechakari”, a rental fashion app, 3) Debut Count Down Live decided, 4) Advance reservation started for the count down live, and 5) Opening of Official Fan Club.

Hinatazaka46_new name_003
Hinatazaka46_new name_002
Hinatazaka46_new name_001

The biggest final announcement about their new group name was unknown to the members. The members burst tears with joy, celebrating their new official group name, which also meant putting a period for “Hiragana Keyaki”, a junior group of Keyakizaka46. This rename is a definite proof of their recognized effort as one member Kyouko Saitou told that this was one of their dream.

The team color of Hinatazaka46 is sky blue, and their new icon and color are amply used in their official site and official twitter.

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Hinatazaka46 Official Website: https://www.hinatazaka46.com/s/official/
Hinatazaka46 Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/hinatazakanews

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