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Passion Ever-Evolving and Newly Reformed, LADYBABY Concert Report

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“I’m devastated.” That’s what Rie Kaneko had said at the Congrats Rie Kaneko! You’re Now an Adult Party held back on January 8, 2018. She had been devastated at the idea of LADYBABY coming to an end, and so, LADYBABY pushed on toward creating a new future. Without looking back, the group proudly stood tall and moved forward.

And from there on, Nana Ikeda, Emily Arima, and Fuka Karasawa joined the group. Without missing a beat, they dived headfirst into the LADYBABY TOUR 2018【Encounter –REVENGE-】. On August 12, they wrapped up the tour with an additional performance at Shibuya STAR LOUNGE. It almost seems as if the group might be getting a little ahead of itself. After all, LADYBABY launched into a nationwide tour not even six months after welcoming its new members.

However, this didn’t prove to be the case at all. They appeared on stage as a newly reformed version of LADYBABY, much to the assurance of the group’s fans.

Seiko Oomori’s “Nostalgic J-POP” echoed throughout the venue as part of a special entrance. There’s a full audience, enveloped by nervousness and excitement, as the lights turn red. Drums sound. The kecak of the audience welcomes LADYBABY, and then comes the climax. Then the group’s four members appeared with a shout of “We’re ready to go!” Fuka, Emily, Nana, and Rie appear in that order. Their newly reformed look consists of costumes that seem to fuse “Japaneseness” and “cuteness” together, and it speaks of bottomless strength.


The first song they performed was “Sanpai! Goshuin Girl☆”. Although a familiar song of LADYBABY’s, what was surprising was Emily’s death voice. It wasn’t the usual idol’s part imitation of one, either, but an older-sounding death voice. The intensity of it was perfect, the venue shook, and it gave the audience goosebumps.

Emily Arima

Emily Arima

Then, their second song, “LOVE INNOCENT ACID KAWAII”, began with a “Shibuya! You know how to headbang, yeah!” The audience felt a sense of unity as they headbanged together. The group gave an agile dance performance that really got the crowd going.


This was followed up by an early performance of “Nippon Manju”, the group’s representative song that at its core, changed idol expectations. In this four-member version of the song, each member was given their own dance solo. Each member’s colors combined to create a single, joyful one.

Nana Ikeda

Nana Ikeda

Left: Emily Arima, Right: Fuka Karasawa

Left: Emily Arima, Right: Fuka Karasawa

The fourth song they played was “Easter Bunny”, and seeing them perform it once again was a welcome blessing. I was so taken by the spectacular sight of it on stage that I forgot to take any notes. Then they continued with “Onigirick Reviver”, which completely captivated the audience, before launching into an MC.


Once they wrapped up the MC, they began their sixth song, “Pinky! Pinky!” Watching their performance on stage filled me with confidence. I had faith in these girls, and I would follow them. I never once felt betrayed, even though before I had arrived at the venue, I admit I’d been feeling a little anxious about what they would be like. An idol is something that doesn’t just stop in one place. I couldn’t help but wonder where they were headed. Perhaps they would disappear before our eyes, the way a candle’s flame gently goes out. I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t caused me some uneasiness. However, as I watched their concert, I felt a growing sense that these girls would be all right. That from now on, moving forward, I would always be able to follow them.

Rie Kaneko

Rie Kaneko

Their seventh song, “Shibuya CROSSING” got the audience riled up, and then during their eigth song, “Age Age Money ~Ochingin Daisakusen~”, they completely embodied what it is to be an idol as dollar bills scattered in the background. Rie Kaneko constantly remarks that she’s strongest when she has a microphone in her hand, and I could definitely tell. During their ninth song, “Jojo Joyu”, both the four members on stage and the audience broke out into the best smile. The venue was filled with happiness.


Rie Kaneko

For their encore they performed “C’est si bon Kibun” and “Me! Me! Me!” as well as their newest song, “Hoshi no Nai Sora”. Rie spoke, “It’s just something simple, not anything difficult. I love LADYBABY, I love all of our fans, and I love this atmosphere. I think this is what happiness is.” Her words made me realize that even if the world ended, these four would not.

Fuka Karasawa

Fuka Karasawa

Nana Ikeda

Nana Ikeda


Finally, LADYBABY announced they’d be doing a solo show at Shinjuku BLAZE on October 27, 2018, titled “We Are LADYBABY”. It’s a great opportunity to see the newly reformed LADYBABY that’s shaking up both Japan and the world, and I hope everyone will be watching.

October 27, 2018
Shinjuku BLAZE (Tokyo)

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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